QuentinVerCetty is an award winning, art making, chess playing, communitybuilding, space travellingcontemporary griot (storyteller) new media artist, and art educatorwho knows no boundaries when it comes to his artistic expression.Quentin's Workincludes holographic projections, digital composites,graphic design, painting, illustration, mural works, photography andspoken word poetry.

Since2008 hisartistry has allowed him to travels around the world sharing hispassion in places like Belize, Cuba, England, Jamaica, Haiti, Mexico,South Africa and the United Arab Empire to name a few.
Obtaininghis Bachelor in Fine Arts from OCAD University (formerly OntarioCollege Of Art and Design University) in 2016 heis currently an Education Officer at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Asaneducator VerCetty worksclosely with youth promoting the use of art as technologies to createsocial change. Hechampion the use ofcutting edge approaches and media addressing issues ofrepresentation, youth inclusion, (im)migration, mobility, andalienation. As an artist his current body of work focuses onsemioticsand Afrofuturisticspeculativemeta-narratives asmetaphoric allegoric tools to address a plethora of socialcommentaries.

QuentinVerCetty's passion for artivism and using art as an education toollead to him developing the Black Speculative Arts Movement Canada(BSAMCanada) which is thenorthern branch of international entitythat conducts eventsaimed to unite, empower,elevate and evolve the creative platforms for artists making workwithin the speculative realm.

For more information on Quentin's work, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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